ECC quote e1416627322653 Liz Chambers, Proprietor
Business and civic leaders for three generations, the Chambers family has deep roots in Oregon, and particularly in Eugene, where Liz Chambers grew up. Liz holds a degree in finance from the University of Oregon, and upon graduation she joined the Chambers Communications Corporation to manage risks and benefits analysis. In 1991, Liz’s mother, Carolyn Chambers, acquired the family’s first winery, Hinman Vineyards (later renamed Silvan Ridge), and just two years later Liz came on board to manage the estate and vineyards. Oregon wine was in a nascent period of trial and discovery, and Liz was among the first entrepreneurs working to establish Oregon’s reputation for world-class winemaking. Within five years Liz helped build Silvan Ridge into one of the foremost wineries in the state, a result she credits to limiting the winery’s focus to higher quality releases. As Liz recalls it was a turning point in her life, which would culminate in the emergence of her passion for Pinot Noir.

Liz’s passion for Pinot Noir brought her to McMinnville in 2013, where she established her own boutique label, Elizabeth Chambers Cellar in the town’s old power station. Liz was drawn to McMinnville because of her desire to establish her winery in the heart of Oregon wine country. The blue butterfly on every bottle is a tribute to her mother, who collected them, and who inspired Liz’s journey into wine. It is also a fitting symbol for the style Liz strives for in her top-quality Pinot Noirs: feminine, balanced and with a strong sense of place.